There are a number of factors that cause back pain. The list is indeed long and includes structural problems, inflammation, muscle injury, imbalance in mechanics and disease. A large proportion of those who suffer chronic back pain have a difficult time pinpointing the source or underlying cause. Specialists often attribute this pain to unknown factors, effectively meaning they simply don’t know. Regardless the cause, as a back pain specialist in New Port Richey, FL, we utilize several kinds of methods to treat your chronic back pain. The causes of lower back pain can be placed into categories.

Mechanical causes are the reasons behind the majority of back ailments. For example, muscle strain accounts for about 70 percent of acute lower back pain. Another cause of back pain in this category is osteoarthritis, a condition where cartridge in the disks or joints are damaged. At times, the body reacts to this by growing calcium deposits over the affected area, which can lead to a pinched nerve. Chronic back pain might also be caused by degenerative disk disease, which refers to the thinning of disks over time. Vertebrae fractures will also fall under this category.

Another category in which we file back pain is non-mechanical causes. And while this category represents just a fraction of chronic pain, it is never-the-less important to be aware of it. The underlying cause to back pain in this category is disease. Though rare, cancer can invade the spine, causing chronic pain. Back pain can also be caused by numerous types of infections, like Lyme disease for example.

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