At some point in life, 80 percent of Americans will experience some form of lower back pain. For those who have already fallen into this category, you know just how painful and debilitating this can be. Many instances of lower back pain is resolved without specific treatment, but sometimes it may very well indicate an issue that requires a New Port Richey, Fl back pain specialist. Ignoring back pain may lead to the condition becoming chronic and hold a lasting impact on your everyday activities. Chiropractic treatment of lower back pain is critical, as is continuing treatment to help prevent it from happening again. Here are a few common causes of back pain.back pain specialist new port richey

Sprains and strains are two very common causes of lower back pain. It is these type of injuries that are often caused by simple, routine activities. In fact, a common sneeze or picking something up from the floor is enough to cause injury. Recovery times will vary from these types of injuries, but the process is sped up when you seek treatment from a chiropractor.

Hulking over your computer at work or home is another cause of lower back pain. That bad posture you employ is the cause of this type of back pain. Maintaining good posture as well as exercise is a good first step in eliminating your pain. It also helps if you regularly visit your chiropractor.

You may be suffering lower back pain and have no idea the actual cause, this is not a problem. Schedule an appointment and we will discover a treatment suited for your specific needs. Call today.