Stress can be a huge factor in developing poor posture and all of the related problems that it encompasses. Our back pain specialist in New Port Richey, FL, understands the signs, symptoms and causes of developing poor posture. He’s well-versed and experienced in many forms and applications of treatments, almost to the point of being “all-knowing.” That’s how you know that his versatile efforts will be so effective for you!

Before he does any effective treatments for bad posture, he will examine you in many ways, such as:

  1. The analysis of your spine’s curvature and its overall alignment will be thoroughly analyzed and approached with a great deal sensitivity and concern for you well-being, both present and future

  2. An x-ray or x-rays will often be needed in order to give our chiropractor the full view of your internal spine, vertebrae, discs and related components

  3. The nerves on the end of your spine and cervical spine will be closely examined, as these are often the very root of your problem(s)

  4. The vertebrae that he will closely look at will give him a better idea of what the problematic areas are, how they are affecting other areas, and where your biggest concerns are

  5. He’ll look and feel for any misaligned discs, which could be a very influential aspect to the pain you’re feeling

  6. The observation of any protruding discs will help him understand what form of bad posturing you are most accustomed to experiencing or putting on your back/lower back

  7. A comprehensive exam of your body and its agility or lack thereof

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