It is estimated that around 30 million children will wind up under a doctor’s care for an ear infection this year. Ask any parent about the experience they had when a child has an ear infection and it will no doubt bring tears to your eyes. Ear infections are painful, probably just as painful to the parents who have to suffer as their children fend off tears. Though this might be a surprise to many, your Trinity chiropractors can do more than just provide treatment for your lower back pain, we can help with your child’s ear problems.

Historically, the treatment for an ear infection is a prescription for antibiotics. However, this form of treatment has come under attack over the least several years, and for very good reason. The first reason is because of the overuse and abuse of these antibiotics, bacteria has changed, evolved if you will and now these antibiotics no longer affect them. That is, the overuse of antibiotics have caused the bacteria to become resistant to its properties. Yet another reason antibiotics have come under fire is because they are not that effective, which is why each visit your child has to the doctor, stronger doses of the medication are given.

The real question that needs to be answered is just how to treat these infections at the source. More than likely, your child is suffering an imbalance, which in turn leaves them susceptible to such infections. To best treat the infections, you need to resolve the underlying issue. Correcting the cause through chiropractic treatments has been proven both safe and effective. And there is no better time to start this battle than today.