Affection, compassion, peace, and mercy. These are the aspects of “aloha” that are a core part of Lomi Lomi. Many forms of massage started out as a way to feel good and only later did science find the healing aspects…Lomi Lomi started from a place a healing, and the wonderful physical feeling is a positive side-effect.

Lomi Lomi (also known as lomilomi) is a traditional Hawaiian massage passed down through the generations. This form of massage uses long, flowing strokes reminiscent of the waves of the ocean. The masseuse will use his or her hands (as well as forearms and elbows) to massage the client’s back, arms and legs. Strokes are often uninterrupted and in circular and figure-eight patterns. Lomi Lomi may also include rubbing of the abdomen to aid in digestion.

You’ll never have the same Lomi Lomi massage twice. One reason is that there are different forms that came from different Hawaiian families and teachers. Another hallmark of Lomi Lomi is its unpredictability and unstructured nature; the masseuse is working intuitively, letting the massage flow so that no two are ever alike. This randomness is completely intentional, though, as a goal of Lomi Lomi is to interrupt the thinking mind by introducing unexpected strokes and moving to different parts of the body multiple times. The massage may move from slow and relaxing to faster and invigorating, all for the benefit of interrupting your brain from thinking of the rest of the world.

You can use any of the massage techniques to supplement your chiropractic care in Port Richey, FL. Come back to find out more about each technique in future blogs.