Besides the fact there are so many wonderful and beautiful things about a pregnancy, there are quite a few pains that come along with it. When adding a growing human being to their body, a woman can experience many different pains: hip, joint, lower back, upper back, neck, knees, and plenty of different joints. With an average weight gain of 30 pounds, lower back pain seems to be the most popular form of pain for pregnant women. These pains can be almost overbearing and overwhelming for most women, which is why a treatment of some sort is typically sought after.

Here at Beyond Bones Chiropractic, our back pain specialist in New Port Richey, FL has the pain-relief solutions for pregnant women that are very popular. With just the application of some simple massage and adjustment techniques, our Chiropractor will help loosen up those tight and pain-induced areas. Dr. Chase DeCubellis is renownedly known for his simple methods of pain relief. He has spent countless hours in research, testing, and the application of pain-relieving tactics. It’s through these decades of experience in which he has extracted some very simple massage and adjustment techniques specifically for pregnant women. These are all non-invasive and have worked time and time again, making him one of the best back pain specialists in New Port Richey, FL.

So if you’ve been experiencing pregnancy-related discomforts, you should consider coming in for a minor treatment or two. Within just a few minutes, you’ll know why our back pain specialist in New Port Richey, FL has a stellar reputation for relieving pregnancy pains.