Are you in need of a lymphatic drainage massage? Our Chiropractor, Dr. Chase Decubellis, performs this type of massage weekly, as it’s pretty common these days. There is no need to be concerned or worried, as we have the techniques that have been proven to work for years. We will root out the source of your lymph and apply a massage that will help naturally drain it from the tissues-space body. This is the intelligent chiropractic care in New Port Richey, FL, that you’ll experience when you decide to allow our chiropractor the chance to work on you.

When it comes to a lymphatic massage, our chiropractor will first apply a light massage to the area of concern. This light massage will have some pressure, but not too much pressure, as it shouldn’t be so hard that the initial lymphatic is collapsed. Nextly, he will apply gentle strokes, from the lymph to the correct nodes. He knows that having the correct rhythm and speed is of the greatest importance when it comes to this particular chiropractic care. The initial lymphatics are then opened and permitted to shut, because there is a small amount of time for the lymph to be vacuumed downward, along the vessel. Then, he will continue with a sequence of strokes that will help drain the entire area, which creates a suctioning effect that aids in the drawing of the lymph to the node.

By bringing yourself into our highly advanced chiropractic facility, you’ll be bringing your body into a place that provides pain relief on not only a daily basis, but hourly. From lymphatic massages to pregnancy-based massages, we can perform the most basic procedures to the most complex.