Whether you work in an environment that is stagnate or you work in an environment that is constantly moving, our chiropractic care in New Port Richey, FL, is something to be taken advantage of. When it comes to the purpose of bringing your body in to receive a massage, you should know that we have some of the best massage therapists in our community and surrounding counties. They’ve all been fully educated and versed on every aspect of what types of massages work the best for what types of pains and ailments.  All of them have been apprentices for hundreds of hours before they ever began massaging on their own. They’ve also all been certified and educated to the highest standards and certified protocols this specific type of therapy entails and proliferates annually.

Here are some of the reasons, purposes and meanings for massage therapy:

  1. Firstly, its primary purpose and intention is to decrease muscle spasms, no matter where they are happening throughout the body

  2. Secondly, its next purpose is to definitively break up scar tissue, which will help the muscles involved gain more elasticity

  3. Thirdly, its next purpose is the partial to complete reformation of muscles with longevity in mind

  4. This practice has the meaning of pain relief involved with everything it does or provides

  5. Massaging muscles, tendons and ligaments helps the person on the table loosen up and feel far less static and fixed in their body’s orientation, flexibility and agility