Besides the fact that getting massages used to be something only the wealthy could do, especially in terms of looking into the past with certain cultures, it has been brought to the masses by chiropractors at affordable prices. Our chiropractic care in New Port Richey, FL, performs massages for hundreds of different reasons and purposes. The list of these reasons is truly endless, as every person has a set of painful problems throughout their body that are uniquely their own. We understand this better than most because most of us have to see a massage therapist at least once a month in order to remain strong, flexible, ache-free and physically well-balanced.

Here are some of the helpful techniques that we employ that help resolve a great many pains:

  1. We will begin by warming the massage oil and setting the mood in the room to a very relaxed one, which will immediately help relieve some mental tension

  2. After applying the massage oil to our hands, we will use our entire hand to perform rhythmic and stroking movements from the bottom of the back to the top, which is sometimes referred to as “effleurage”

  3. We will use the previously mentioned movements with our hands, but this time we will do it in a circular motion and press further inward, gradually progressing to the upper area of the back

  4. Nextly, we will push with the flats of our fingers away from the main line in your back, which is often referred to as the center line