Through a vigorous amount of training and certifying, our massage therapists have been giving chiropractic care in New Port Richey with a level of confidence that most other offices of our practice don’t have. They not only know how to effectively utilize certain techniques for certain pains in certain areas, but they know how to root-out the source of the pain, which can be really hard to find at times. We know you’ve been experiencing pain that just won’t go away and we want you to give us the chance to make the necessary movements in order to alleviate the pain. This isn’t to mention the fact that we are on a mission to not only provide pain relief immediately, but do so with longevity in mind.

  • Through a series of firm deep movements on each side of the spine, our massage therapists will start to improve your spine’s elasticity

  • By applying 5 frictions to each and every spot along the spine, we will start to make the sore spots a lot less sore

  • Then, we will apply some firm and strong downward pressure-prone movements, which will help your shoulder blades become less stagnate/stiff

  • After placing our thumbs over and around any sore or tender spots and/or knots on your upper back, we will increase the pressure and do everything again, only harder

  • After applying a deeper reiteration of all of these applied pressures, we will hold the pressure on the areas-in-question until the pain lowers substantially
  • Then after a cool-down period, we will address any further pains that you may be experiencing

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