Have you noticed that the pain you experience in your lower and upper back tends to only happen when you have bad posture? Do you sit in the same position in an office chair all day? Do you work in construction and have to stand in an awkward position all day? Well, there are treatments, adjustments, alignments and manipulations that our chiropractor in Florida can perform in order to get your posture-related problems fixed.

The ability to sit, stand, lean and lay straight is something that most people suffer from, which is why they come on in to see our intuitive chiropractor in Florida. These are the sort of symptoms that can be attributed as signs that you are suffering from poor posture:

  • You sit at your chair throughout your workday and you feel recurring pains throughout certain areas in your body

  • By the time you get home from work, you can barely get out of your car without feeling some sort of sharp pain

  • Whenever you try to get off of your couch, you experience a great deal of stiffness

  • The moments in time where you try and do something as simple as pull up the door to the dishwasher become incredibly difficult, furthering the amount of stiffness you’re experiencing

  • You try and stand up during church and stay standing up but can’t

  • The minute you can’t get off the floor after playing with your toddler

  • The aching pains you get when you try and get out of bed in the morning are becoming worse and worse by the day

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