There are plenty of ways that you can develop the horrific signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, some of which you wouldn’t expect to be a cause. Did you ever think that sitting around and just leaving your hands in the same position for hours on end could be a stemming cause of carpal tunnel? Did you ever think that playing a video game for just an hour a day could be the root of this hellacious pain? Well, our chiropractic care clinic understands every aspect and signal of this syndrome, which means that we can examine your symptoms and proceed with treatments.

These are the symptoms that are a clear indication that you have carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • You have felt jolting pains through your fingers for quite some time

  • You’ll occasionally feel a complete lack of movement in your wrist, basically handicapping you from any possible movement

  • The numbness of your palm or hand, which means that you aren’t feeling anything at times

  • The pain that happens in your wrist and hand is happening in both of your wrists and hands

  • The lessening and reduction of your grip strength, which means that you can’t hold on to things as hard or strong as you used to

  • You start to become very clumsy when you try and grip objects or other peoples’ hands

  • The jolting pain you are feeling goes all the way back to your elbow

  • The pain that you’re experiencing feels worse than you’ve ever felt before and it is occurring for long periods of time