After the previous three posts we’ve submitted for your view, we are more than certain you have an idea about bad posture and what it can negatively do to your body. That’s why you should seriously consider coming in to receive corrective care in New Port Richey, FL, from our highly experienced and successful Chiropractor, Dr. Chase Decubellis. He has mastered the art of applicative therapy and massage tactics by learning from some of the “best in his biz.” He is a wonderful practitioner of this artform and considers it to be of the highest regard when it comes down to bad posture, as this “syndrome” is one of the most painfully popular pains experienced around the world.

Dr. Decubellis has some very progressive and effectively-proven tactics for poor posture treatments:

  1. Even though every case of bad posturing and the misalignments that stem from that are different, he’ll approach your back’s manipulation with a high degree of sensitivity, as to not make anything worse or painful

  2. He’ll use his lay-down machine to straighten your body out by pulling in ways that will help out the areas in question, not to mention the fact that this will help you settle down for the oncoming non-invasive procedure

  3. He’ll massage out any tensions that lie within any muscles surrounding or involving the area in question

  4. He will use a “jolt method” to enforce a thorough popping of your lower back, which will further help to alleviate any pain from bad posturing

  5. If a disc is out of place and/or becoming out of place, he will perform a thrust that will pop it back into place

  6. He uses pressure and every aspect of pressure to manipulate the affected spinal parts, bones, vertebrae and/or discs back into their rightful places

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