Since technology and its different apparatuses are becoming more and more hand-held and hand-applied in their functions and implementations, people that wouldn’t normally get carpal tunnel syndrome ultimately are. So, if you’ve been experiencing any sort of signs or symptoms related to this unfortunate syndrome, you’ll want to come on in and make sure you have it before attempting any sort of treatment, surgery or prescription drug. Our chiropractic care office in New Port Richey, FL, will treat your pains with the utmost level of re

spect and analyzation in order to appropriately label the pain(s) you have.

Our wonderful Chiropractor, Dr. Chase Decubellis, will thoroughly analyze your hands and then appropriately distinguish the factors in order to see whether you have carpal tunnel or not. These are the types of things that he will look for:

  1. Whether or not you have dried up or crackling hands and whether or not that is causing any sort of related problems

  2. He’ll first analyze your hands or feet by asking you where you’ve been experiencing any pain or haven’t been experiencing any pain

  3. He’ll ask you if you feel numb in certain areas or extremely numb in other areas

  4. The scrutiny required to figure out exactly what level of a tingling sensation you may be experiencing, which will further indicate what exact type of treatment he’ll use

  5. He’ll gently feel and push the areas in which you are feeling any burning sensations, as these are often indications that you have the beginning symptoms of this hellacious syndromechiropractic care office new port richey FL