1. Part 4 – Treatments for Bad Posturing – Corrective Care in New Port Richey, FL

    After the previous three posts we’ve submitted for your view, we are more than certain you have an idea about bad posture and what it can negatively do to your body. That’s why you should seriously consider coming in to receive corrective care in New Port Richey, FL, from our highly experienced and successful Chiropractor, Dr. Chase Decubellis. He has mastered the art of applicative therapy an…Read More

  2. Part 3 – Examination of Bad Posturing – Back Pain Specialist in New Port Richey, FL

    Stress can be a huge factor in developing poor posture and all of the related problems that it encompasses. Our back pain specialist in New Port Richey, FL, understands the signs, symptoms and causes of developing poor posture. He’s well-versed and experienced in many forms and applications of treatments, almost to the point of being “all-knowing.” That’s how you know that his versatile ef…Read More

  3. Part 2 – Symptoms of Bad Posture – Chiropractor in Florida

    Experiencing all sorts of different levels of pains throughout the day can definitely be attributed to having bad posture. Since sitting, standing, kneeling and bending over are typically a part of all of our days, it’s no wonder why this is a worldwide problem. So, instead of trying to deal with the pain from poor posture, you can come on in and see our chiropractor in Florida. New Port Richey …Read More

  4. Part 1 – Signs of Bad Posture – Chiropractor in Florida

    Have you noticed that the pain you experience in your lower and upper back tends to only happen when you have bad posture? Do you sit in the same position in an office chair all day? Do you work in construction and have to stand in an awkward position all day? Well, there are treatments, adjustments, alignments and manipulations that our chiropractor in Florida can perform in order to get your pos…Read More

  5. Part 3 – Treatments of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Chiropractor, New Port Richey FL

    As carpal tunnel syndrome gets worse throughout your body, you’ll experience an immense amount of pressure on the median nerve. The paresthesias in the median nerve distribution is one of the key neuropathic symptoms of this horrible syndrome. Weakness sets in when you feel a lack of movement and/or numbness in your thumb, fingers, wrist, and/or elbow, which will take away your ability to actual…Read More

  6. Our Highly Accredited Corrective Care – New Port Richey FL 34655

    If you’ve been thinking about how you’re going to deal with your lower back pain lately, you should seriously consider coming into receive our corrective care in New Port Richey, FL 34655. You will first be evaluated in a very thorough manner, all the way from your feet to your head. This whole-body examination will help us get a better understanding of how your body naturally works, its speci…Read More

  7. Osteoarthritis – Part 3 – Back Pain Specialist, New Port Richey, FL

    Are your hands feeling like they have been pounded by a hammer all day? Do you think that you have been experiencing something that isn’t just “going to go away?” Well, you most likely have a degenerative bone disease called osteoarthritis. This is something that will gradually manifest into other pains surrounding your initial pain. It’s almost as if it’s a spider-web of pain, perhaps a…Read More

  8. The Loss Of Mechanics – Back Pain Specialist in New Port Richey, FL

    For an initial consultation costing only $25, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come on in and see why your back is hurting you so badly. By neglecting the work that needs to be done on it, you're actually making it worse. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate in coming to see our back pain specialist in New Port Richey, FL. Our Chiropractor, Dr. Chase Decubellis, is one of the leading specia…Read More

  9. Our Empathetic Back Pain Specialist in New Port Richey, FL

    Are you experiencing symptoms that constitute the pains that are associated with back pain? Can you barely even move around your home or office? Are there shooting pains that you are feeling throughout your lower and upper back? Regardless of what type of pains you are going through that are associated with your back, you should come on in to our back pain specialist in New Port Richey, FL. If you…Read More

  10. Migraines can be Alleviated by our Chiropractor in New Port Richey, FL

    Chiropractic care is not just applied for neck and back pain relief. It can help treat dozens and dozens of health and mentally-related problems, not to mention the hundreds of symptoms that are caused by these problems. One of the many mentally-associated problems around the world, are migraines. These headache-related pains are considered to be a chronic neurological disorder, typically derived …Read More