1. What We Know About Migraines And Chiropractic Care

    Migraines are a horrible malady that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. And while it’s obvious that something horrible is happening in your brain, medical science has yet to figure out what’s going on when a migraine occurs. While we don’t know exactly how the mechanisms of migraines are working in the brain, research has shown... Migraines run in families: Unfortunately, if you suffer…Read More

  2. If You’re Tried Medication And It Didn’t Work, Try Chiropractic Care New Port Richey, FL

    One of the most reassuring aspects of chiropractic care is that it doesn’t rely on drugs like other medical treatments. While medication has certainly helped millions of people, it’s too often used as the first treatment. We focus not only on the spine but also the whole person, so if you’ve found that drugs aren’t working for you, we’ll work with you regarding diet and lifestyle to help…Read More

  3. Stand Up Straight! with Chiropractic Care in New Port Richey, Florida

    Stand Up Straight! with Chiropractic Care in New Port Richey, Florida Bad posture doesn’t always show up as back and neck pain. While there are many ways that we can help your posture with chiropractic care in New Port Richey, Florida, the problems associated with it don’t just manifest as physical problems. It can affect your mood and your career, because of... Self-Image: If you’ve ever wa…Read More

  4. Part 1 – Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Chiropractic Care Office in New Port Richey, FL

    Since technology and its different apparatuses are becoming more and more hand-held and hand-applied in their functions and implementations, people that wouldn't normally get carpal tunnel syndrome ultimately are. So, if you’ve been experiencing any sort of signs or symptoms related to this unfortunate syndrome, you’ll want to come on in and make sure you have it before attempting any sort of …Read More