Appreciating what we do for a living is something that we have to earn everyday, which is why we take the chiropractic care in New Port Richey that we provide so seriously. We are in a results-based business of non-invasive pain relief and we procure our results everyday by applying some of the most advanced massaging techniques, especially when it comes to massaging peoples’ bodies. Our massage therapists are some of the most skilled and talented professionals of their kind, as they’ve been through countless hours of apprenticeship and training. They understand how the entire body is connected and that it’s kinetically connected in its limbs to the torso. These limbs are the exact things that put pressure and strain on the rest of our body’s muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments etc.

Here are some of the techniques that we can provide to your body in our massaging methods:

  • We will use a stripping and a reinforced thumb method of applied pressures in order to appropriately work out any “kinks” in your upper neck

  • We will then use a glide method with a deep sustained pressure that will travel up the full length of the long shaped muscles on either side of the spine

  • When we get to the nape of the neck, we will feel for tight spots and sensitive spots by deeply gliding our hands over and around in circular motions

  • Through an alternation of gliding our hands on each side of your neck, our fingers will perform a couple minutes of effleurage, which will help to greatly loosen up and tension

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