More and more New Port Richey residents are beginning to realize that chiropractic care and treatments are an effective and beneficial part of their overall total health care system. At one point, skeptics claimed there just wasn’t enough studies and research to support chiropractic treatments, but those days have long passed. Chiropractors hold the skills and expertise to diagnose, treat and manage any number of health related issues and conditions. When you desire treatment without drugs or invasive surgery, visit your chiropractor.

Chiropractors are no longer the only ones stating that chiropractic treatments work. In recent years, doctors and even government agencies agree that chiropractic treatments are wonderful and effective for many types of conditions. In fact, the United States government has taken huge steps in support of chiropractic treatments. Studies after studies come to the very same conclusion; there is absolutely no evidence that demonstrates or even implies that spinal manipulation is unsafe.

Research has also discovered that chiropractic treatments are effective for more than just back and neck pain. For example, studies indicate that chiropractic treatments offer just as much relief for those who suffer chronic headaches as pain medications, but without the nasty side effects. In fact, as we speak, research is being conducted on how chiropractic treatments affect asthma, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome and much, much more.

In addition to spinal treatments, your chiropractor will sit with you and offer ways you can improve your overall quality of life. The prevention of disease and methods of living are key to staying in prime health. Don’t wait, schedule your appointment today.