You came to us to for lower back pain treatment, but you should also know your New Port Richey chiropractor also offers massage therapy. Massage is a manual therapy that manipulates tissues as it decreases your muscles’ pain and tension, and even stress and depression. When you hear discussions concerning massage, people often say it is a luxury or a treat on a special occasion, bit this doesn’t come close to capturing the essence of a massage. While receiving a massage does indeed feel good, the therapeutic benefits to the body and mind need to be revisited.

Even the simple act of placing a hand on your body will encourage a person to thrive. Studies have illustrated that without human touch, babies do not thrive and may not even survive. The power of touch also has significant positive effects to the mothers, who suffer less depression when receiving massage therapy. In fact, all who engage in massage therapy suffer less stress, anxiety and depression.

If you have ever dosed off while receiving a massage, then we don’t have to tell you how massage promotes better sleep. A number of studies has discovered a link between massage and its affect on delta waves, the type of brain waves associated with deep sleep.

We are in the midst of the cold and flu season, what are you doing to help prevent these conditions? Multiple studies have linked massage to a better functioning immune system. One study in particular discovered that massage increases our disease-fighting white blood cells.

Even if massage therapy didn’t come with these added perks, we still do it because it does make us feel good.