There are various types of care that you can receive from your chiropractor. From corrective care to wellness care, your Trinity chiropractic center has you covered. After all, modern chiropractic treatments are much more than just an adjustment and you are on your way. Our aim is to get you healthy, and maintain that good health.

Your initial care will consist of treatments to relieve your symptoms and begin the healing process. Our goal is to help you rid yourself that back or neck pain, or any other type of pain you might be suffering.

Even after the pain has ceased, there could still be damage suffered to your muscles, liniments or tendons. Corrective care begins when your initial pains have been resolved, now we work to stabilize your spine and promote complete healing. The frequency of your visits diminish and you will be encouraged to help your cause with exercise and other self-care procedures. If you skip this step, you put yourself at risk for a possible relapse.

The wellness care or maintenance care is designed to help optimize the improvements you have made so far. Though you might be symptom free and on the road to optimal health, there are still obstacles to overcome. For example, the trauma that affects you every day, like from stress and toxins in your body, can begin to bring you down. Think of wellness care as a tune-up for your body, a treatment that ensures you are running smoothly on all cylinders.

For optimal health, it is important that you continue chiropractic care treatments. Schedule your appointment today.