The underlying psychology that feeds the misnomers in which chiropractic treatments don’t work, are simply false and inaccurate. Uneducated people often spew uneducated misnomers about products, services, professions, ideologies and practically anything else they don’t understand in their lives. So why should someone as smart as you pay attention to these common misconceptions and false accusations? The answer to this is… you shouldn’t, as our corrective care in New Port Richey, FL, 34655, is well equipped to service your needs.

Have you ever noticed that when a person is telling you wholeheartedly and with complete confidence that chiropractic treatments are completely worthless, they can’t tell you exactly why? Well, the reason for this is due to their belief in their opinions but their unwillingness to do some research. Otherwise, if they were actually going to do some research about something, they might realize their opinions are false and everything they’ve been saying to people is completely inaccurate.

Here are some inaccurate statements that you may hear about our practice and/or industry:

  • “Those chiropractors aren’t real doctors and from what I’ve heard, they are simply just pressing on your back and taking your money”

  • “I’ve never had a good experience with a chiropractor and they overcharge you for what they don’t even provide”

  • “Surgery is done by a real doctor and prescriptions for pain come from a real doctor, which is why chiropractors shouldn’t be taken seriously”

  • “When you go into get your spinal adjustments, you are going to feel some of the most painful feelings in your life and you may never recover from it”

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