Those aching pains in between your joints could possibly be a degenerative disease referred to as osteoarthritis. If you have been recently experiencing pains like this, then you shouldn’t hesitate any further, as they need to be addressed by our chiropractor. Dr. Chase Decubellis is one of the leading professionals in this area of pain, as he understands every aspect of it. From causes, to symptoms, to treatments, he’s seen practically every method possible. From that, he’s deducted the most logical applications for treatment and the most painless at that. That’s why he is considered to be one of the most brilliant tacticians and strategists when applying manipulations to help heal these pains. This makes our corrective care in New Port Richey, FL, one of your best options for experiential treatment!

His maneuvers and adjustments are something all of his patients can fully appreciate, especially the immense amount of pain relief they feel. The healing nature of our specific adjustments exhibit our understanding of this hellacious disease, which include:

  • That the people that experience this joint pain have reduced motion and experience slow motion movements at times

  • It affects only the joints

  • Doesn’t affect any internal organs

  • It is the most common form of arthritis

  • It occurs most often in older people

  • Young people can get a small dose of it with injured joints

There are thousands of different types of causes for this disease, but some are:

  • Just being in the later part of the aging process

  • Experiencing a joint-related injury

  • Having a genetic defect in joint cartilage

  • Job-related stress on the joints