dreamstime_xxl_38237150Having severe lower back pain can ruin a life. It gets in the way of nearly every activity we engage in, and the worst part is that it can affect you whether you’re moving or not. For some people back pain strikes when they play sports, but for others it’s agony just sitting on the couch. If you’re looking for New Port Richey chiropractors, Beyond Bones Chiropractic will be there to help you every step of the way toward better health.

Chiropractors start with the spine because of the role it plays in affecting nearly every aspect of your health. Fixing spinal problems can help other maladies go away, even if they’re seemingly unrelated. No matter how your chronic lower back pain needs to be treated, we’ll also counsel you regarding your habits and lifestyle. We’ll talk with you about diet, activity, and inactivity, as well as productive alternatives if your work is affecting your health. Our goal is to get you to pain-free as soon as possible, and we will talk you through the process so that you are properly informed of your treatment options.

The great news is that whether your problem is muscular or spinal, you’re in the right place when you’re at the Beyond Bones wellness clinic! We not only offer chiropractic care as a lower back pain treatment; we can also treat chronic lower back pain with massage therapy. We have the staff to properly diagnose the problem and determine whether you can get back pain relief from chiropractic care, massage, or both.

Back pain can happen overnight or it can be a slow slide into misery. Whether you’ve already been through the traditional route of failed medication, or if you’re first inclination is to investigate chiropractic care because of the relief it gives so many people, contact us today to get a free consultation. The chiropractor will see you now!