dreamstime_xxl_34376919Chiropractors treat the spine in order to fix any misalignment and to help relieve the many maladies of the body that a misaligned back can cause. Nowhere is this more evident than when you’re seeking neck pain relief. Because of the interconnectedness of the spine and the neck, one affects the other directly, so it’s important when you’re having neck pain to contact your New Port Richey, FL chiropractor at Beyond Bones.

Because of the stresses put on our necks daily, most people will experience neck pain at some time in our lives. Whether it’s staring at a computer monitor all day, improper sitting or standing, or bent over our portable device, something will eventually misalign the back and lead not only to back pain but to neck pain as well. Of course, with neck pains often come headaches as well, which can be so bad as to cause you to lose all interest in the world.

Injury can’t be ignored either. You might feel fine immediately after a car accident, but misalignment of the back can lead not only to severe back pain but also to other problems in your health as well, not the least of which is your relationship with you neck.

Beyond Bones Chiropractic and Wellness is there to help when you’re suffering from neck pain. Whether it’s from working conditions or injury, back problems can easily lead to neck problems, and having neck pain isn’t something you should have to live with. Give us a call, visit our wellness center, and start the journey to a healthier you!