1. Poor Posture? Neck Pain? Our Chiropractic Care Can Help!

    Poor posture is the leading cause of neck pain! When individuals consider neck pain, they generally associate it with careers in the hard labor industry such as construction or farm work. Although, those who sit in front of a computer often suffer from neck pain that is just as painful and, in some cases, debilitating. Individuals who perform office work on a daily basis often suffer from excrucia…Read More

  2. We Debunk 5 Myths Surrounding Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic care is a world surrounded in myth and misconception even though it has helped millions of people all over the world. Chiropractic can treat not only neck and lower back pain, but is also treatment for other ailments such as allergies, PMS, headaches, and more. Other common treatments include sports injuries, auto accident injuries, and pregnancy care. Today we're discussing 5 of the…Read More

  3. We Can Help Your Shoulder Pain With Chiropractic Care In New Port Richey, FL

    Have you ever considered this question: Why do shoulder rubs feel so good? First of all, you can’t deny the need most of us have for human contact...most of us spend our days trying to not bump into people. So when we do get human contact it’s a nice change in the day that satisfies our basic need for socialization. Second, you often hear of people carrying their tension in their shoulders. Ac…Read More

  4. If You’re Tried Medication And It Didn’t Work, Try Chiropractic Care New Port Richey, FL

    One of the most reassuring aspects of chiropractic care is that it doesn’t rely on drugs like other medical treatments. While medication has certainly helped millions of people, it’s too often used as the first treatment. We focus not only on the spine but also the whole person, so if you’ve found that drugs aren’t working for you, we’ll work with you regarding diet and lifestyle to help…Read More

  5. Treat Your Migraine Headaches With Chiropractic Care In Trinity, FL

    Migraines aren’t something you can describe to someone. They’re a pain specific to each individual, and anyone who hasn’t had experience has no idea what you’re going through. If you’re at the end of your rope, we suggest you try treating your migraine headaches with chiropractic care in Trinity and New Port Richey, Florida. When you’re spine is out of alignment it can lead to a number…Read More

  6. Stand Up Straight! with Chiropractic Care in New Port Richey, Florida

    Stand Up Straight! with Chiropractic Care in New Port Richey, Florida Bad posture doesn’t always show up as back and neck pain. While there are many ways that we can help your posture with chiropractic care in New Port Richey, Florida, the problems associated with it don’t just manifest as physical problems. It can affect your mood and your career, because of... Self-Image: If you’ve ever wa…Read More

  7. Swedish Massage Can Be A Great Addition To Your Chiropractic Care In Trinity, FL

    When you’re looking for a useful complement to your chiropractic care in Trinity, FL, Swedish massage may be just what you need. Swedish massage, also known as relaxation massage or classical massage, is what people usually think about when they think of massage. You might not have thought of what professional massage therapists bring to the table: Technique - There are five distinct strokes a S…Read More

  8. Your Trinity Chiropractors Can do More Than Just Provide Treatment for Your Lower Back Pain, We Can Help with Your Child’s Ear Problems

    It is estimated that around 30 million children will wind up under a doctor's care for an ear infection this year. Ask any parent about the experience they had when a child has an ear infection and it will no doubt bring tears to your eyes. Ear infections are painful, probably just as painful to the parents who have to suffer as their children fend off tears. Though this might be a surprise to man…Read More

  9. If This Scares You, Then Consider Treating Your Condition Through Chiropractic Care from Your New Port Richey, FL Chiropractor

    Draining or oozing from your eyes Enlarged breasts in males Blood clot in your lung Congestive heart failure Nerve pain lasting for months You might think these are symptoms from a disease or condition, but you couldn't be further from the truth. These are just a small sample of side effects from prescription medications. Many of these side effects are actually more scary than the conditions or di…Read More

  10. Massage: Purposes, Techniques & Benefits – Part 3 – Chiropractic Care In New Port Richey

    Appreciating what we do for a living is something that we have to earn everyday, which is why we take the chiropractic care in New Port Richey that we provide so seriously. We are in a results-based business of non-invasive pain relief and we procure our results everyday by applying some of the most advanced massaging techniques, especially when it comes to massaging peoples’ bodies. Our massage…Read More