1. Part 3 – Treatments of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Chiropractor, New Port Richey FL

    As carpal tunnel syndrome gets worse throughout your body, you’ll experience an immense amount of pressure on the median nerve. The paresthesias in the median nerve distribution is one of the key neuropathic symptoms of this horrible syndrome. Weakness sets in when you feel a lack of movement and/or numbness in your thumb, fingers, wrist, and/or elbow, which will take away your ability to actual…Read More

  2. Osteoarthritis – Part 1 – Chiropractor in New Port Richey, FL

    Even though you treat your body well, there are several ways you can develop osteoarthritis. This is a disease that occurs in the joints, and we mean any and all joints. Even though it primarily affects the cartilage, it still ends up causing negative effects in and on the bones surrounding the joints. This pain can be felt like a lightning strike of pain, as it is a fast-paced jolt of highly inte…Read More