1. Whether You Suffer From Depression, Lower Back Pain or Have a Hard Time Sleeping at Night, Massage Treatment Will Certainly Benefit You

    In our last post, we were discussing all the benefits associated with massage therapy. Similar to a healthy diet and exercise, the more you do, the greater the benefits. Not only does a massage feel good, it is also good for you. Making massage therapy a part of your well-rounded routine is essential for good health. Discover the benefits of massage therapy and your body will thank you continuousl…Read More

  2. Chiropractic Treatments do so Much More Than Help Lower Back Pain, They Can Make You Feel Better as a Whole

    Old age shouldn't mean having to deal with chronic pain or loss of range of motion, at least not to great extents. That is, it is totally possible to stay physically and mentally fit throughout the entire course of your life. A surprising study discovered that those over the age of 86 who hit the weights three times a week increased their strength by 175 percent. One of the better ways to stay hea…Read More

  3. Your New Port Richey Chiropractor Offers Massage Treatment for Your Lower Back Pain

    You came to us to for lower back pain treatment, but you should also know your New Port Richey chiropractor also offers massage therapy. Massage is a manual therapy that manipulates tissues as it decreases your muscles' pain and tension, and even stress and depression. When you hear discussions concerning massage, people often say it is a luxury or a treat on a special occasion, bit this doesn't …Read More

  4. Your Trinity Chiropractors Can do More Than Just Provide Treatment for Your Lower Back Pain, We Can Help with Your Child’s Ear Problems

    It is estimated that around 30 million children will wind up under a doctor's care for an ear infection this year. Ask any parent about the experience they had when a child has an ear infection and it will no doubt bring tears to your eyes. Ear infections are painful, probably just as painful to the parents who have to suffer as their children fend off tears. Though this might be a surprise to man…Read More

  5. The Beauty About Our Chiropractic Office, Serving Lower Back Pain Sufferers in New Port Richey and Trinity, is That We Also Offer Massage Therapy

    You might think that when suffering lower back pain, it is wise if you seek chiropractic treatment, and you would be absolutely correct. The beauty about our chiropractic office, offering treatment for lower back pain sufferers in New Port Richey and Trinity, is that we also offer massage therapy. Massage therapy is so much more than just that relaxing me time. Studies continue to prove the emoti…Read More