bb-cta1Migraines are such a horrible, intense experience that no one should have to live with them. But unfortunately, even with millions of dollars being spent every year to try to figure out the best form of treatment, science still doesn’t even know what causes them in the first place.

While we don’t know exactly what’s happening in the brain, we do know three things: first, that migraines tend to run in families: two-thirds of migraine sufferers report having a family member who also suffer from migraines. Second, that food is often reported as a trigger. There’s no universal food trigger, but it’s specific to each person. It may be that certain foods trigger chemical changes in the brain (the brain and belly are probably more connected than you know, and it’s a two-way street). Third, activity just makes it worse. When most people have migraines, the last thing they want to do is exercise.

But the brain itself remains a mystery, and the medications that modern medicine has come up with only tend to treat the symptoms, not the pain itself.

One other thing that really caught the interest of chiropractors…many migraines are accompanied by severe neck pain. And what is the neck other than the upper back? So over the years, we’ve worked to alleviate the causes of migraines by treating the subluxation that can occur with the spine. Studies have shown a significant reduction in both the intensity (50%) and the incidence (up to 90%) of migraines with proper chiropractic care.

What have you got to lose? Come in and talk with us about how we can treat your migraines with chiropractic care.