dreamstime_xxl_4954830Every part of the body is connected, and there are few places where this is more obvious than the connection between the neck and the back. After all, what is sometimes thought of as the neck is actually just the top of the spine, so when you talk about neck problems you’re actually talking about back problems. And as your Trinity, FL chiropractor, backs are what we know!

Nearly everyone experiences neck pain at some time in their lives, and the muscle pain we associate with it can be easily avoided if you get to the root of the problem, which often require back pain treatment. While we’re working directly on your back to achieve long-term relief, we can also provide immediate muscular satisfaction with the many forms of massage therapy we offer.

So why is there so much neck pain in the world? Well, everything we do seems to get in the way of how our spine is supposed to work. While ergonomics has relieved many of the problems associated with improper sitting, it can’t do anything to alleviate the duration we sit in a day. And all the ergonomics in the world won’t fix the way we stand as we lean our heads forward to work on our tablets or cell phones. While the head “only” weighs about 10 pounds, that weight grows exponentially the more we lean forward and look down to check our text messages.

Add to that spinal problems that can arise after an accident and you’re got a world that needs chiropractors. Give our wellness center a call the next time you’re experiencing back and neck pain. Whether your pain is chronic or occasional, Better Bones Chiropractic and Wellness can start you down the road to relief. Call us today!